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Daylight Savings Time

Most countries employ daylight savings where clocks are advanced typically by 1 hour during the summer months so that evenings have more light and mornings less. The following Codelocks products have daylight saving time feature where the between the given start and end dates, the lock time is automatically adjusted by one hour:

  • CL1000 NetCode
  • CL5000 Audit Trail

Daylight Savings Changes

Daylight savings start and end dates tend to vary by a few days each year. It is recommended that you update the daylight savings time on the lock once a year AFTER daylight savings has finished.

For example: In 2013, UK daylight savings ended on October 27th. The daylight savings should be updated on the lock after October 27th ready for the next year.

CL1000 NetCode

When you register the lock via the NetCode portal, you will be asked to enter start and end dates for daylight savings.

For example: In 2013, UK daylight savings started on March 31st and ended on October 27th. Therefore, you would enter March 31st as the start date and October 27th as the end date.

CL5000 Audit Trail

Daylight savings is only used if the Audit Trail Function is enabled. When you enable the Audit Trail Function by running Program 16, as part of the sequence, you will need to specify the start and end date for daylight savings time.

For example: In 2013, California daylight savings started on March 10th and ended on November 3rd. Therefore, you would enter 1003 as the start date and 0311 as the end date.

Your Daylight Savings Dates

To find out the dates for Daylight Savings Time at your location, the following resource may be useful: