Imagine never having to issue a guest room key again! No keys or cards to issue, retrieve or lose.
Control and convenience without keys.

GuestLock is the first PIN-CODE operated lock specifically developed for hotel, motel and guest house use.
The significant benefit for management is freedom from the need to control the issue and retrieval of keys, fobs, key cards, housekeeping keys or cards, and the secure storage of keys and cards when they are kept in pigeon holes on on hooks behind the reception desk.

  • Saves management time
  • No more storage issues
  • Key and card retreival problems a thing of the past
  • Management use Master Codes to access and to cancel guest codes
  • Impress your guests
  • Tidy reception
  • No more lost keys
  • Guests use their own personal codes to access room (similar to rooms safes)
  • Main entrance access if required with Codelocks