Simple and effective key control cabinets, utilizing coded access to allow authorized persons to manage keys 24 hours a day, from just a single or unique access code. The rigid-built cabinets, when combined with mechanical or digital coded locks, provide an enhanced secure enclosure for keys, fobs and padlocks. With wall-mounted and freestanding options available, there's a cabinet with a capacity that will suit a wide range of environments and industry sectors, such as: healthcare, education, hospitality and commercial.




Determine how many keys you will need to store at present and allow for future expansion. This number determines the size of your cabinet and the number of hook bars required. Do you need to store both keys and padlocks? No problem! We can provide a combination of hook bars suitable for both padlocks and keys. 

Custom orders can be accommodated, please contact us for more information.



Key Secure by Codelocks offers a wide range of locking options to enhance the cabinets security. From mechanical coded access, through to a heavy-duty electronic Codelock with interchangeable core options, there's a lock to suit all applications.



Keeping track of keys can be a struggle, yet is essential to the everyday running of many organizations. Key Secure by Codelocks has a number of cabinet ranges to choose from, varying in size and design, suitable for a wide range of applications. With a simple 3 step decision process, it couldn't be easier to find the most suitable cabinet for you.

1. Choose your cabinet capacity
2. Choose your locking device
3. Place your order


KS Original Range

KS View Range

KS Self Closing Range

KS Storage Range

KS Extra Security Range

KS IC Core Range

KS Key Control Range





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