Need help installing or programming a digital door lock? Codelocks technical support team is just a call away.


Unless you are a trained locksmith, the average user might feel slightly daunted by the task of installing and programming one of our digital coded locks. That's why we ship every Codelocks digital door lock with easy-to-follow instructions. In fact if you are handy with a screwdriver, then the installation process is actually quite straightforward.

However, we do appreciate that sometimes a little extra help is needed and our helpful technical support team provide our customers with just that. We've asked our service manager James Bowden to tell us about the team and to explain what happens when a customer calls with a query.


Here's what he had to say:

When a customer calls with a technical question, who do they speak to?

There are three of us in the support team:Dominic, Kris and myself. All of us are technical and trained on the entire product range.

Who typically uses your service?

We receive calls from anyone and everyone, including end users, distributors and locksmiths. Our contact information is on all of our literature and packaging, so we are usually the first point of contact.

What type of questions to you get asked?

We get asked all sorts of questions! One of the most common is regarding the code change procedure, which we can advise over the phone. We also point customers in the direction of our website where customers can download the product programming guides.

What else can you resolve?

Customers will often say 'the lock doesn't work', so through some forensic questioning we can usually establish the fault over the phone. By independently checking the function of individual parts, we identify the cause. This level of investigative questioning, more often than not, negates the need for the product to be returned.

If a customer chooses to send a technical support question via the form on your website, how long does it take you to respond?

We will always try to get emails answered within a few hours, and certainly by the end of the day.

What's the strangest question you've ever been asked?

I was once asked if we had a suitable door lock for someone who was convinced MI5 kept forcing entry to his house to put the washing on and move his plant pots!

What's the nicest feedback you've ever had from a customer?

We had this email from a happy customer who received help from Kris:


"Just thought I'd let you know how impressed I am at your level of customer service. What a refreshing change to have the 'phone answered almost immediately; to speak to someone courteous; knowledgeable and who resolved my issue herself. Excellent! A credit to yourselves and to your level of training. I will definitely be recommending you."


If you need to speak to James, Dominic or Kris then please contact us or visit the service page on our website.


23, Aug 2012