Digital Push Button Locks for Business


Simple keypad access without the hassle of keys

Despite the tough economic environment, there is a growing need for cost-effective access control in many organisations.

This trend will continue as more people choose to replace traditional lock and keys with more convenient push-button locks as an

effective way to restrict unauthorised entry.


Push-button locks are either mechanically or electronically operated and can be used as primary locks on most internal and external doors.

There are also push-button locks that can be easily fitted in place of locks and keys supplied on lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

In business environments there are many applications where these push-button locks can be used.


Possible applications include the main door on offices, warehouses and are ideal for staff lockers, key cabinets and office cupboards.


With Codelocks controlled access can be quickly achieved in shops, offices and warehouses limiting staff and customers from different areas,

rooms and deparments. Businesses contain valuable equipment; IT software and hardware, stock goods for retail, confidential information and in some instances

harmful substances and chemicals. All need access controlled for either legal or commercial reasons.


Access code management

Regular code changes will ensure that push-button locks remain an effective solution for restricting access, for example, when a member of staff leaves. Codes should also be changed whenever it is felt that security has been compromised. Most mechanical push-button locks have to be removed from the door before the code can be changed, which takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Codes on electronic push-button locks can be changed while the lock is in situ on the door, which takes only a few seconds.