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Company Overview


About Codelocks

Codelocks designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative, standalone keyless door, locker and cabinet locks for organisations that need to control access within their buildings. The product range includes stylish push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic and wireless ‘smart’ locks that are easy to manage and can be operated using a keypad, card and smartphone. Convenience is at the heart of all of Codelocks’ products. Our user-friendly approach enables building and facilities managers to have complete control over who is entering and exiting. The locks are cost-effective, easy to fit and programme, can be retrofitted and do not require complex wiring or external power. We offer full access to expert technical advice and customer support.

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About KitLock

KitLock is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. Cabinets and lockers in any setting, including gyms, leisure centres, schools, hospitals, data centres and offices can be opened using a keypad code, eliminating the inconvenience of coins, keys and wristbands. The locks can be programmed with codes that are unique to each user or with time-specific codes that grant temporary access. The option to use smart cards as an alternative to codes is also available. KitLock offers smart locks that feature NetCode®, which allow multiple lockers and cabinets to be controlled remotely via a smartphone or online. KitLock provides free expert technical advice and customer support.

KitLock is a Codelocks Ltd brand.

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