Codelocks find the perfect match for Loyd Lindsay Rooms

Set in leafy Oxfordshire, the Loyd Lindsay Rooms is a unique and flexible venue, offering event facilities. From board meetings to conferences, birthdays to weddings, the staff pride themselves by offering the highest level of personal service from start to finish.

Loyd Lindsay Rooms were looking for an access control system which would be secure, easy to use and flexible for their needs. Codelocks provided the solution with the CL5510 smart lock, which can be operated and managed by code, card and phone, offering easy access and control.



Before discovering Codelocks, Loyd Lindsay clients had to be let into the venue. This meant that the caretaker was constantly going back and forth to the venue to let individual groups in to the rooms or to open the whole site for a function. This prompted Loyd Lindsay to look for a flexible, reliable and professional solution to their access needs.



Following a presentation from local locksmiths JPriest & Son at a BMI marketing referral group, Loyd Lindsay rooms decided on a Codelocks CL5510 smart lock.

Jason Priest, owner of JPriest & Son has been working with Codelocks throughout the duration of his 30-year career, partnering with Codelocks on many projects including schools and colleges within Oxford University. Speaking of Codelocks he stated, “They are a very professional company and the development of its standalone smart lock, prevents the need for continuous code changes on site.

“The CL5510 is a quality product, reliable and versatile. With its ease of installation, we did not hesitate to recommend this smart lock over others in the market place. It offered everything the Loyd Lindsay rooms required, it’s simple to use and offers the phone, code and card options as well as a key override option. All other manufacturers could only offer some of the features, or could offer all but only in conjunction with other smart products.”

Karen Smith, Manager of Loyd Lindsay rooms knew that Codelocks would be the perfect solution to their needs, “I didn’t look at any alternatives as having spoken to Jason following the presentation, he assured me that Codelocks CL5510 could do everything I wanted it to. I spoke to Jason straight after the presentation who procured the lock for me.”



As access control was The Loyd Lindsay Rooms main concern, JPriest & Son fitted a CL5510 smart lock on the front door. This lock allows codes to be created via an online portal and issued to customers via email or SMS, thus eliminating the need for a staff member to be onsite. 

With the CL5510, controlling access has never been so convenient, especially since all aspects of the lock can be managed remotely using a smartphone. Users can choose the most suitable entry method for their needs, whether that be allowing access via a simple code or by the use of compatible smart cards. The lock audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed, to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed. Codes can be set for a specific start date and time, automatically expiring after a set duration. In addition, ‘code free’ periods can be set to allow free access at certain times of the day. 

“The Codelocks system has allowed me to set up specific codes for individual clients to give them access to the venue without our Caretaker being present. It has also enabled me to give a one-off access code to a Contractor when I was held up in traffic. He was able to start work at the venue without having to wait around for me.” 
-    Karen Smith, manager of The Loyd Linsday Rooms. 



The major benefit to the Loyd Lindsay Rooms to date has been a financial one. Remote access means that the venue no longer has to pay their caretaker to go to the venue to open up and lock up after every client. The lock has also provided additional security. Previously if a client was using the venue, the front door was open which lead to people often wandering in to look around or use the facilities. With the Codelock’s system, this is no longer possible.
“Our Caretaker is very pleased with not having to continuously visit the venue to open and lock up,” said Karen. “The venue is now unlocked at the beginning of the day and then locked up at the end of the day – with the Codelock system being used throughout the day.  

“The feedback from our clients has also been positive as they now know that they will not be interrupted by people just walking into the venue.”




















15, Feb 2018

CL5510 Smart Lock

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