Codelocks Provides Thwart Against Porch Pirates


About 26 million Americans have their packages stolen every year. Package box developer, CITIBIN needed a solution to secure its PARCELBIN, a durable and attractive package delivery lock box for single- and small multi-family homes, from “porch pirates.”

Codelocks KitLock range of products is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker and cabinet locks. The locks can be opened using pre-programmed codes that are unique to the user. Specifically, the KitLock by Codelocks KL1200 allows for simplified access control and secure keyless entry.

Since the first prototype in 2012, CITIBIN experimented with materials and designs to create the world’s finest outdoor enclosures for recycling, garbage, parcels, storage and anything kept outside. Made of aluminum and recycled bamboo composite, the frame won’t warp, the doors won’t slam, the hardware won’t rust, and thieves and rodents can’t break in.


The Codelocks Solution

Codelocks designs and distributes a wide portfolio of innovative, standalone keyless door locks and access products for a range of growing markets. The KL1200 locker lock is a popular choice for more challenging environments. A tougher, more robust lock range – the KL1200 locks – are easy to fit, providing additional programming features, stainless steel buttons, dual fixing points and improved number of operations.



The Opportunity

In the beginning, a simple padlock was used to secure the PARCELBINS. This  was a very heavy lock and wasn’t convenient for delivery persons to open and secure the bin. CITIBIN was looking for something light, modern with an appealing aesthetic without needing to charge a lock or hard wire the PARCELBINS. Through collaborative discussions, CITIBIN and Codelocks decided the KL1200 would be the optimum solution to secure the PARCELBINS. The KL1200 meets the convenience for the carriers – including FedEx and UPS – as well as keeping it simple for the homeowners. Ideal for cabinets, lockers, safes and more, the KL1200 works to help deter package theft.

The KL1200 operates on PARCELBINS through Codelocks’ Private Function. Through this function, a 4-digit code is programmed into the lock. The PARCELBIN will then remain locked until that specific code is entered, either by the user or a delivery person. The lock remains open for a few seconds and then will relock.


The Results

“We are always looking for partners who are excited about innovating together,” said Liz Reisch Picarazzi, Founder and CEO, CITIBIN. “This goes beyond the vendor relationship, we choose to work with companies who want to succeed along with us.” Through the use of this solution and its protected codes, delivery persons are able to securely place packages within the PARCELBINS. Homeowners are ultimately put at ease when they are away, whether at work or out of town.

“We look forward to growing this partnership with Codelocks and are happy with the end result for our PARCELBINS,” continued Picarazzi.


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01, Sep 2020

KL1200 KitLock Locker Lock

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