CL4520 Smart Mortice Lock

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The CL4520 Smart Lock offers advanced programming and access methods, as well as simple retrofit opportunities for easy upgrades from the CL4000 range.

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CL4520 Mortice Lock

  • Higher level of control
  • Lock out code users with key


The CL4520 includes a euro profile mortice sash lock with deadbolt and latchbolt safety feature. The new smart lock makes access control easier, offering flexibility and convenience by providing a range of entry methods including the use of pushbutton code, smart card or smartphone, enabling users to choose the most suitable access method. It utilises wireless technology to give building managers the ability to program locks via a Bluetooth™ compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App*.  Program locks via your smartphone, generate and send codes for easy access, issue smart cards for alternative entry, track and control with audit trail.

Code. Card. Phone.

The smart lock supports up to 350 users, with 100 client user codes, 100 phone clients and 150 client smart cards as an alternative entry option. By installing the K3 Connect App* on a smartphone all aspects of the lock can be managed conveniently, from updating basic settings to creating multiple individual access periods.

Entry can be tightly controlled and monitored by issuing a NetCode®, which is generated and sent via email and SMS. The codes can be created with a specific start date and time that automatically expire after a set duration. The ability to offer keyless entry removes the hassle of storing, issuing, and replacing keys. Audit trails allow building managers to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed. The full lock audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

The CL4520 can also be set in code-free mode at fixed times of the day, for example when access is required for cleaning, maintenance or deliveries. This removes the need for a key to manually unlock doors. Up to 10 different code-free periods can be created, that automatically enable when scheduled.

The lock outside lever and key functions as CL4510. The lockcase key retracts the latchbolt for entry without using a code or card. The key controls the deadbolt position. The deadbolt denies access by code and card, when projected, safety features allow the inside lever handle to retract the deadbolt and latchbolt preventing accidental lock in. The key can be used to open doors for management functions such as security and cleaning.

Controlling locks is now even more convenient with the CL4520.


Key Features

Manage with the K3 Connect App*

The lock can be managed with the K3 Connect App by any Bluetooth™ compatible smartphone. The App is available on Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play™ for Android™ devices by searching for K3 Connect. Controlling locks has never been so convenient. Manage all aspects of your lock from your smartphone.

Code Card Phone 

Multiple access. The locks provide flexibility and convenience by providing a range of entry methods. Allow Clients access via a simple code, allocate and register a MIFARE® compatible card or send an invitation to their phone.

Controlled Code Free 

Allow access at set times of day by setting the lock into Code Free mode. Removes the hassle of unlocking doors for free access periods. Reduce the administration burden of manually putting locks into Code Free mode.


Control Entry. Set codes for a specific start date and time and that automatically expire after a set duration. Send these set codes via email or SMS.

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Audit Trail

Keep track on when and where the lock was accessed. Download and view the full lock audit trail data.

Auxiliary Connections  

The CL4520 locks include two auxiliary connectors (REM Ports). Traditional behavour of these ports allows reception desk remote opening (REM 1) and alarm panel trigger to open (REM 2). The REM behaviour also enables the lock administrator to select between four different modes of operation; Remote Release, Sensor Mode, Sensor + Alert and Unlock + Lock Down


NetCode® Pricing

To generate a NetCode®, you will need to purchase a credit pack. 1 NetCode® or 1 SMS = 1 Credit. NetCode® Credit pricing can be found here.

Please Note: When you register for a NetCode® Portal account you will receive 20 free credits. 


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