How to change the code on a CL200 mechanical door lock

Last year we introduced a series of step-by-step video guides designed to help you install and programme our coded door locks. The videos can be viewed from our website or on YouTube. The first shows you how easy it is to upgrade a mechanical door lock with an electronic one; the second looks at programming the master code on our CL5000 series of locks.

This year we intend to bring you more of these step-by-step video guides and, with the help of our technical support team, we've come up with a list of topics to cover. We'd be interested in your input too, so please get in touch. if you have any ideas or to tell us what you'd like help with.


Step by Step Instructions

In our latest video, we feature one of our most popular mechanical push-button door locks, the CL200 series. By following the seven easy steps in this video, we show you how to change the access code.


1. Using a screwdriver, take the lock off the door by unscrewing the two bolts on the back plate.

2. Remove the two red screws and carefully lift off the code chamber plate, making sure you don't dislodge the 14 conical springs. (Note that the red-tipped tumblers correspond to the position of your current code)

3. Depress the 'C' button fully on the front of the lock and reposition the red and blue tipped tumblers, so that the red tipped tumblers correspond with your new code. Keep the 'C' button depressed throughout this procedure.

4. The square notches of ALL tumblers must face outwards, with the coloured tips on top (refer to the diagram in the video).

5. Replace the code chamber plate carefully with the two red screws.

6. Check the new code works before you put the lock back on the door.

7. We recommend you make a written note of the new code - just in case!


For more information on our CL200 series of digital keypad locks, visit our website or contact us.


21, Jan 2013