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Out with keys - in with buttons


The demand for Codelocks keyless access control products has grown year-on-year. Our customers are replacing their key locks with push-button locks, it’s a trend that looks set to continue.


Do away with fumbling for keys through pockets, looking for dropped keys in the grass. Codelocks mechanical lock products are widely used on gates, sheds, garages, pool and summer houses. All our locks have a hardwearing low maintenance finish.


Other applications in the home include the home office, the kitchen and external doors; handy if you have children coming in from school and other activities, giving them a code to enter can be a lot easier than different keys.


Push-button locks are either mechanically or electronically operated and can be used as primary locks on most internal and external doors. There are also push-button locks that can be easily fitted in place of locks and keys supplied on lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

Our standalone locks provide quick and easy access without the need for keys.


Uses include:




Feed stores

Chemical stores


Farm offices

Pool houses

Pump rooms


Machinery stores