Codelocks develops audit trail capability for digital door locks

Codelocks, a leading manufacturer of standalone access control products, has launched a digital lock that enables managers to easily control and monitor door access. The CL5000AT tubular mortice latch lock records the use of individual access codes in an audit trail log. This can be useful in buildings where the protection of controlled assets or sensitive data is high on the agenda, as the lock will also register incorrect code attempts:a high number could suggest the lock is being tampered with.

Facilities and estates managers are demanding ever greater levels of control and convenience from standalone digital doors locks. The software we've created makes it much easier for managers to program and analyse the use of multiple digital locks under their control.

To find out exactly who went through the door, and when, users can download and review the door activity data using a USB memory stick and analyse the data on a computer. Each lock has a unique number, which makes it easy for users to review the door activity from many different locks using the software supplied by Codelocks.

The software also significantly reduces the time it takes to program access codes and lock settings. For example, managers might want to restrict access during certain times of the day or week. They can program time-sensitive access codes using the data management software within minutes, and copy settings from one lock to another. Rather than programming each lock manually at the door, facilities managers can use the software and then easily upload the new data to each lock from USB memory.

CL5000 with Audit Trail is available to purchase from Codelocks at plus VAT. Installed CL5000 products can be upgraded with an easy-to-fit Audit Trail Upgrade Kit. The kit includes a USB memory stick with the Codelocks Data Management Software, USB connector, PCB and data transfer cable and costs plus VAT.


For more information on both products please visit here or call Codelocks on 01635 239645.


About Codelocks

Codelocks designs and manufactures a range of digital keyless door and cabinet locks for organisations that need to control access within their buildings. The locks save time and money by being easy to fit and easy to programme. Unlike other solutions, digital push button locks don't require complex wiring, ID cards or external power, and are more cost effective for many applications. The locks offer the user a convenient standalone solution and are sold with everything you need in the box to fit them, including parts, instructions and templates.

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28, Oct 2013