Smart Portfolio:CL4510 the New Self-Service Lock

Chatswood, Australia, 1 March 2017

Codelocks Asia Pacific today announced the expansion of its smart lock range with the addition of the CL4510. The new lock offers the same power, flexibility and convenience that Codelocks Asia Pacific customers have grown accustomed to, but packs it into a smaller, sleeker package. The new lock is ideally suited to a wide range of internal commercial applications.

The CL5510, the KL1060, and now the CL4510 all utilise Codelocks’ NetCode technology. NetCode allows operators to generate and send time sensitive codes to end users using the K3 Connect App or NetCode portal. Codelocks also offers an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing businesses to integrate the NetCode technology into their existing systems. By automating code generation, the need for onsite staff is dramatically reduced. Businesses can recognise new levels of convenience without compromising on security.

In addition to remote code generation via smartphone, the CL4510 can also be accessed using smart cards, as well as allowing permanent access using the stylish push-button keypad. This range of access capabilities makes the CL4510 an incredibly versatile and flexible solution.

Self-service entry offers accessibility outside normal working hours, helping businesses operate more efficiently around the clock. The lock can also be set in Code Free mode at fixed times of the day, allowing access for cleaning, maintenance or deliveries. Administrators are able to monitor access records and usage with comprehensive audit trail tools.

Once set up, the lock does not require Wi-Fi connection for operation. This significantly increases its potential for use in areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable or intermittent, adding to the benefits of this innovative product line.

“The Internet of Things is having a profound impact on all areas of building management,” said Colin Campbell, sales director at Codelocks. “Our new smart lock harnesses a range of technologies, automating access control, and significantly increasing flexibility for businesses.”

“By combining smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options, our smart locks suit a wide range of applications. From building managers to home rental owners, Codelocks customers around the world are recognising the benefits that our technology brings.”

Parks Tennis in the UK has been using the Codelocks’ NetCode technology for several months now. The not-for-profit organisation is rejuvenating public park tennis courts up and down the country. Working with local councils, Parks Tennis aims to ensure that its courts are safe, enjoyable and affordable for all. At its Oxford site, players can now book courts using the website and codes are automatically generated and sent to them via SMS. 

“It can generate codes hour by hour, day by day - the codes are unique every time,” said Jeff Hunter, managing director of Parks Tennis. “It can also be preloaded with several four-digit pins, which is useful for people who use the facilities regularly, such as tennis coaches. On top of that, we can issue smart cards to stakeholders, such as tennis clubs or Parks Wardens, for 24/7 access. So, one single product has helped us meet the needs of all the different stakeholders.” 


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