Provide self-service access with time-specific lock codes

Does the success of your business depend on customers or suppliers accessing your building at specific times, but with you in full control? Read on to discover how Pirate Studios are able to control access remotely with Codelocks.

We have all had a fantastic business idea that rests on finding the right solution. Whether the challenge is control, convenience, or simply finding a way to run things more smoothly.


David and Mike founded Pirate Studios in order to offer bands and musicians a new way to rehearse. Rather than expensive hourly hires, they wanted their studios to be self-service and available to hire for allotted time slots, 24/7. They therefore needed their customers to be able to let themselves in and out unaided. David and Mike were searching for a way to avoid manning the site, as it would be expensive, creating undesirable hire costs for customers.

How Pirate Studios locked their business model down

They searched for, and found, an access control system that met their needs:

Self service

24/7 accessibility

Remote entry and exit control

Storage locks

Door locks

Ease of use for musicians


Smart locks providing key code entry, with codes that could be sent to customers remotely, turned out to be of the utmost importance to Pirate Studios' business model. The use of smart locks eliminated the need for staff onsite through self-service and allowed it to keep rental prices down, passing on the benefit to its customers.

The solution Pirate Studios found not only fulfilled its self-service concept, but also enables it to heighten security by controlling and monitoring users entering and exiting. By installing the CL5510 smart lock, Pirate Studios have the convenience of issuing codes remotely via email or SMS to customers for the studio rental. It can then track these codes using an 'Audit Trail' function.

Pirate Studios were ready to lock 'n' roll. 


Get in tune with Codelocks

If you need the ability to issue unique codes to customers through an online portal, we can help!

For Pirate Studios, Codelocks supplied CL5510 smart locks for the front door and individual studio room doors, and KL1550 smart locks for the storage locker doors. These locks allow codes to be created via an online portal and issued to customers via email or SMS. Pirate Studios use this function to send musicians personalised codes for self-service access to rehearsal space and/or storage lockers. Unique codes can be issued for different locks. So, for example, if a musician needed to access their kit, but not a rehearsal space, they would be given two codes:one for the front door and one for their locker. Or, for studio room hires, musicians would be given a code for the front door and one for an individual studio door. Codelocks' smart locks were therefore able to increase convenience and decrease prices for Pirate Studios' customers.


If security is your main concern, we've got that covered too!

The CL5510 smart lock enables the use of 'disposable' time-specific codes, that can only be used for a specified duration. The lock also has a sophisticated Audit Trail function, which can track which users are going in and out of the rooms, and at what time. The K3 App allows this all to be easily monitored via a smartphone - the locks can even be opened remotely with wireless connectivity!

When David Borrie and Mike Brandon co-founded Pirate Studios, they knew they needed a specific solution to make it happen. Luckily, Codelocks were on hand with a harmonious one! 

Want to rehearse at Pirate Studios? You can find out more, and make a booking, through their website. They have studios in Birmingham and Bristol, with a new studio in Cardiff nearing completion and further sites in the pipeline. 

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