Why locksmiths love Codelocks training


At Codelocks, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our clients get the very best out of our products. We go beyond designing and manufacturing locks: we nurture talent.

Since 2012, we have offered Codelocks training courses for locksmiths to equip them with the skills to deal with a rapidly changing market. Our training courses are designed to enhance skills for locksmiths and subsequently generate better solutions for clients. The programme has enjoyed enormous success, with 100% of attendees agreeing that the training sessions have been beneficial to them.


This year's training sessions will be held at our HQ in Newbury and will offer locksmiths the opportunity to get hands-on experience with our innovative coded locks. We will also showcase our new products, KL1000 RFID, CL50, CL160, CL4510 and CL5510. The courses are designed to keep locksmiths up to date with the latest technology, learn about industry developments and refresh technical knowledge.


Why attend a training session?

There is an increasing popularity of smart access control in both commercial and domestic environments. Smart locks are gradually becoming recognised as a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional access control methods. Our training courses:


  • Enable you to identify new business opportunities
  • Will further develop your knowledge of access control
  • Help you to understand the ins and outs of smart locks
  • Provide tips for servicing and programming
  • Give you advice on how to easily install new products
  • Ensure that you're up to date with market trends so you can satisfy customer demand.


Our training course will also demonstrate how you can promote smart locks to your customers. In light of the competitive nature of the locksmithing industry, this is highly beneficial for you and your company. The sessions enable you to build the confidence to discuss key features and benefits and integrated technology such as NetCode and the mobile apps.

As locks become more technologically complex, customers will have more questions and will need more support. The training session will highlight what support tools are available and how to help you solve their problems


Still not convinced?

Listen to what a previous attendee had to say...


"Do it! They have great products, fantastic presentation and the only thing it's going to cost you, is your time. Trust me, it's worth investing your time," says Robin Priest, J Priest & Son.

Robin stated that he would 100% attend another Codelocks training session and is extremely likely to recommend it to a friend or colleague. He explains,

"We have taken part in different sessions with other manufacturers, but the Codelocks session really stood out for us as incredibly user friendly with a great mix of listening and hands on experience".


How do I register for the training?

All of our training sessions are free and include a tasty buffet lunch. Our 2018 training sessions will take place on:

  • Wednesday 18th April
  • Wednesday 16th May
  • Wednesday 13th June



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