10 tips that will give a locksmith a competitive advantage

Locksmithing is a profession that couldn't be further from a dying trade, as upgrading security for homes, rentals and businesses with the latest technology is a priority. Installers and locksmiths are in demand, so how can you outperform your competitors and increase business? Here are our top tips:


1. Provide added value

Offering extra services will not only please your customers but it will set you apart from your competitors. What other locksmithing customer needs can you assist with?

Extra tip! Key cutting, fixing vehicle and window locks together with maintaining smart locks could make you stand you out.


2. Improve your social media profile

Ensuring that you are visible on the social media platforms that your audiences are on will help to raise awareness of your services.

Steps to take when you review or set up your business social profiles:

Keep your social handles consistent across all platforms

Un-tag yourself from inappropriate posts and photos

Add keywords to your profile to help improve visibility on search engines

Fill in every field of your bio

Make sure your website link works

Extra tip! Encourage happy customers to leave you feedback on your social profiles.


3. Efficient working

Are you a 24/7 locksmith? Do you need to be? To identify whether your business hours are accommodating the needs of your customers, take a look at customer demand. If you find that you receive most business calls on a weekend, consider working on Saturdays to prevent customers going to competitors.

Extra tip! Access industry trend reports to understand whether you need to plan for any technology changes in the future.


4. Ask for feedback

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Asking customers to leave a Google or Facebook review will help increase your credibility, increase online exposure and help to generate more customer enquiries.

Extra tip! You can ask customers to write you a short testimonial that you can use on your website, making it easier for you to be discovered when people are looking for your services.


5. Give your business a more professional image

A positive image assists with building customer confidence and helps to attract and retain customers.

Professional image checklist:

  • Get a professional email address that uses your domain name
  • Ensure you have a landline number
  • Build a clear website and logo
  • Wear clean and tidy uniform

Extra tip! Make sure that your work vehicles are sign written, well presented and driven safely. If company vehicles are dented or scratched customers can find this off-putting and think this a reflection of your service.


6. Put your customer first

Be in the moment and spend more time with your customers. Avoid answering your phone whilst you are on site with them.

Extra tip! Outsourcing your calls allows you to get on with your job without being disturbed. This improves customer service and you don't have to worry about missing out on new business opportunities.


7. Know your value

Stick to costs that justify the service you provide that will appeal to buyers who favour quality over price. Consider discounts at quiet times of the year.

Extra tip! Avoid lowering your prices to compete with rogue traders.


8. Expand your skillset

Attending a training course with a trusted brand develops skills and brings you up to date with the latest technology trends. Keeping your skills up to date extends the range of locks that you are able to service, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Extra tip! Take a look at the 2019 training courses Codelocks have to offer here.


9. Have a plan for new business

Your schedule may be full this week, but what about in three months'? Make time to create a business plan, research ways to promote your business and find new opportunities. Attend local networking events to foster relationships and promote yourself.

Extra tip! Invest in advertising, find out how you can reach your target audience and spread the name of your brand.


10. Build relationships

Building relationships with trusted suppliers and partnering with them can unlock new business opportunities, enhance your reputation and reduce costs.

Extra tip! 'Find an Installer' is a directory where customers can be reassured that their locksmith is certified and credible. Find out how you can get listed here.


Codelocks are proud to have supported locksmiths and installers since 1991. If you would like to further develop your knowledge of access control and new products, head to our website.



13, Feb 2019