Christmas Shopping? Make sure your parcels are safe this festive season.


Post-pandemic, online shopping is more popular than ever, and this Christmas will be no different. Roughly 4.2 billion parcels were delivered to UK homes last year, and those figures are set to increase this year.

Unfortunately, the rise in the number of home deliveries has been met by a similar rise in thefts. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, one in ten people in the UK had a parcel lost or stolen in the year up to July 2021.

Dealing with unpredictability

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re likely to be receiving more parcels than usual. Relying on a ‘safe place’ often doesn’t cut it and the same goes for deliveries at workplaces. Some business premises are unattended a proportion of the week – and due to our new flexible way of working – people aren’t always available to sign for a parcel. 

It’s time to adapt

With deliveries now a big part of our lives, it’s clear that we need to adapt. Fortunately, a solution already exists in the form of secure parcel containers. CITIBIN originally designed its PARCELBIN boxes to provide safe places for couriers to leave domestic deliveries and protect homeowners from parcel thieves. During the lockdown, the PARCELBIN found a new use, enabling couriers to leave deliveries without interacting with the recipient. For controlled access, the PARCELBIN is fitted with KitLock by Codelocks – digital locks that are specially designed for lockers and cabinets. The owner simply programs a 4-digit code into the lock and the PARCELBIN remains locked until the code is entered – either by the user or by a delivery person. 

By providing a safe place for parcels and enabling couriers to reliably record delivery, PARCELBIN is the perfect solution to guarantee your important Christmas packages are protected against so-called ‘porch pirates’. 

Storage solutions to make life easier

PARCELBIN is just one example of how Codelocks’ contactless access control solutions can be used to provide protected outdoor storage. As well as giving customers peace of mind, adding a coded lock to a storage container, cabinet, shed or locker, can help businesses and delivery firms by reducing the claims of stolen packages.

Garden theft is also on the rise. On average, one in seven properties has experienced theft from the garden. Contactless access control – especially Marine by Codelocks, which are designed to withstand harsh winter weather conditions – are ideal for securing outdoor storage.

During the Christmas period, millions of parcels are sent to millions of homes around the country. In this busy time, we need to know our deliveries are safe while we’re out and about. And as every parcel is an opportunity for a thief, all properties (whether work or domestic) would benefit from a coded lock storage solution.



05, Dec 2022

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