Are you dreaming of a stress-free Christmas?

It's the time of year where you can finally unwind, over-indulge and not leave the house for at least two days. You've bought the turkey, wrapped the presents and you have confirmed with guests their time of arrival to stay in your holiday rental. But wait, who will let your guests in?

A reliable and convenient way of ensuring that guests can gain independent access to your holiday home is by installing a smart lock. Codelocks smart locks will allow you to stay in your Christmas onesie all day and enjoy your own family celebrations, uninterrupted.  


Christmas without a Smart Lock

Jude is a landlord and is letting out her holiday home during the Christmas break. Her guests are due to arrive at 11:00 but actually arrive three hours late.

Jude has a lot to do and has wasted three hours waiting to meet her guests at the property. She finally manages to hand over the keys, but also needs to collect her turkey from the butcher before it closes at 15:00.

The roads are gridlocked and when Jude finally arrives at the butcher, it's closed. She stops at the nearest supermarket which has sold out of turkey - disaster!

On Christmas Day, Jude receives a call from her guests. They have lost their rental keys while making a snowman, forcing Jude to leave her grandchildren, missing them opening their presents, and drive to the property with a spare set.

The guests leave on Boxing Day and carelessly post the keys through the door, rather than leaving them in a secure place as requested. Jude has to call out an emergency locksmith to ensure that the next set of guests, arriving later that day, can access the property.

Jude is stressed and did not enjoy Christmas...  


Christmas with a Smart Lock

Heather is jetting off for some winter sun with her family and as she passes through security, suddenly realises that she hasn't given her tenants an access code for her holiday home. She quickly generates a temporary, time-sensitive code and sends it to her guests via SMS.

On departure day, the temporary code is automatically removed at the allotted time, ensuring the property remains secure after the guests have left. Heather's local cleaning staff access the holiday home via their smart card to prepare the rental for new guests arriving that evening. Whilst sipping on a cocktail, Heather generates a new code which she sends to her next guests and signs off the text message wishing them a Happy New Year.

Heather is having a relaxing time and thoroughly enjoying her Christmas...


No keys, no hassle! Celebrate Christmas with Codelocks

Managing and operating locks has never been easier, smart locks combine smart technology with traditional keypad and card access that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Easy to fit and set up, landlords like Heather can programme, operate and manage smart locks directly through compatible smartphones by downloading the K3 Connect App or using the keypad. The app allows time-sensitive and temporary codes to be generated quickly, giving control and flexibility over guest arrival times and departures.

Hassle-free access is good for Heather and good for her guests. By installing a smart lock, it removes the expense and time required to send staff to meet and greet.

Heather invested the income from just one weekend's rental in a Codelocks smart lock, so she and her guests can enjoy a lifetime of convenient access to her holiday home. She can choose the most suitable entry method, either granting access via a code or sending an invitation to the guest's phone. And she never has to worry about the inconvenience and cost of calling out a locksmith as guests won't get locked out and are no longer required so don't get lost or damaged.


Key Features:

  • Code Card Phone
  • NetCode
  • Controlled Code Free
  • Audit Trail


Be like Heather and don't let keys ruin your holidays.

Put a smart lock on your Christmas wish list and enjoy being a landlord all year round!





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