Keyless office convenience that resonates

Managing keys for multi-occupancy offices can be time-consuming and costly. Keys have to be cut for new employees and replaced if lost. Additionally, when several organisations occupy the same building there are often concerns about how entry is controlled.


Where are my keys?

Berkshire-based marketing and PR agency, Resonates, shares its building with three other companies. All employees had to carry three keys on them to access the building: two for the front door and another for an internal door. This threefold access was inconvenient and proved costly when multiple keys had to be supplied for new recruits. For a small business without a dedicated facilities manager just keeping track of all the keys was another administrative task that they didn't need.

The Resonates team wanted to do away with having to provide and manage multiple keys and, at the same time, enable building occupants to have a more convenient way of entering the building. They were seeking a main office door lock that would be easy to use, could be retrofitted to the existing door and avoid the need to provide multiple keys.


The keyless office solution

Codelocks recommended a CL5520 from the CL5500 smart lock range would best fit Resonates' needs.

It has a number of advantages for multi-occupancy buildings:

  • Multiple entry methods - push button, smartphone and key card
  • Easy to use
  • Audit trail feature shows entry by date, time and person


Speaking of the success of the lock installation, managing director Andrea Wilcox commented,


"The lock has undoubtedly made multiple occupancy more convenient and reduced the time we spend managing keys. We can now get into the office using our smartphones and the different entry methods mean there's something suitable for everyone. Being able to install the lock on our existing door was terrific and turned out to be cheaper than installing a new door, which was an added bonus."



A day in the life of a smart lock

What does a day at the office look like for the CL5520 lock?

08:00: Resonates director, Chris, is the first one in the building. He always has his mobile at hand so prefers to use the K3 Connect app for building access. With one swipe, he is in the office and ready to make the first of many cups of tea.

09:10: The IT technician from the top floor is late again! Before having the smart lock installed, he would always waste valuable time searching for his key in his bag. Now, he inputs his unique four-digit code and is in the building within seconds.

11:00: The Resonates team are in a meeting and the handyman coming to service the boiler is running late. No problem. Resonates account manager, Hannah, uses the built-in NetCode technology to send him a unique code via text to let himself in without disturbing the team. The code is automatically erased when he has left the building.

13:00: Resonates account executive, Antonia, has popped out for lunch and left her car key on the table. Before the smart lock installation, she used to keep them with her office key. Luckily, she now uses a smart card for building access. Getting locked out of the office is one less thing for her to worry about.

15:00: Managing director, Andrea, is catching up on some invoicing. She wants to double check how many hours the cleaner worked this week. Instead of calling her, Andrea downloads the audit trail that keeps track of when the lock was accessed. She can see that the cleaner worked for 6 hours this week. Job done!

17:30: Tonight, the Resonates team are hosting an event for their clients. The team decides to set the lock to Code Free mode which removes the need for a code to open the door. This stops the Resonates team having to go up and down the stairs to answer the door as clients arrive.


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26, Apr 2018

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