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Hiring out a venue can be a stressful process. There's so much to organise, coordinate and purchase, whether it's for a birthday party, wedding, business event or wake. You've already got enough to be doing to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible. But what happens when the owners of the venue can only give you building access at a time that's inconvenient for you? Or if curious wanderers want to take a peek at the venue in the middle of your event?

Codelocks has helped a wide range of venues, hotels, community halls, leisure clubs and shared workspaces enable its customers to host successful events. Discover how Codelocks smart locks have changed business models and helped three organisations grow their businesses.



Community convenience

We were able to help the volunteers at Manley Village Hall reclaim control of their hiring out process. The hall acts as the main meeting place for villagers, is the home to many sporting and activity clubs and can also be hired for private events. The committee members needed an access control solution for the hall's main entrance that offered both personalised access for regular users, and time-specific access for those hiring the hall occasionally.

With a busy schedule of activities, the committee members rely on volunteers to open and close the hall. Access requirements can often be needed at anti-social or inconvenient times, which makes volunteers hard to find. As the volunteering numbers began to dwindle, the search began for an easier to manage access control solution. The committee decided on a CL5510 smart lock that satisfied all their needs.

All aspects of the lock can now be managed remotely from the ease of committee members' smartphones. An audit trail can be viewed and downloaded at any time to track people entering and leaving the village hall. Local volunteers who help with the running of the hall do not have to continuously visit the venue to open and lock up, and users can let themselves in out and unaided at a time convenient to them.


Easy event management

Oxfordshire-based Loyd Lindsay Rooms is a unique venue offering event facilities. The events team wanted the hiring out process to be the best experience it could be for their customers, so required an access control system that was self-service and made it possible to hire out the venue at allotted time slots. Recognising the venue's need for autonomous hiring out, lock manufacturer, JPriest & Son, recommended a CL5510 smart lock.

As well as generating and issuing codes to customers, this lock offers a range of entry methods. Customers of Loyd Lindsay Rooms now have the luxury of choosing their most suitable entry method, whether it be code, phone or card. The CL5510 supports 100 user codes, 100 phone entry customers and 150 client smart cards.

By installing the K3 Connect App, staff can issue smart cards, codes and phone entry access to venue renters. The app also allows them to manage all aspects of the lock conveniently from their smartphones to monitor who enters and leaves the building, and at what time.


Flexible hours for flexible careers

Pirate Studios was founded on the basis of offering musicians self-service studios that were available to hire for allotted time slots, 24/7. They came to Codelocks with a need for its customers to let themselves in and out of the studios unaided at times that suited them.

Like Manley Village Hall, Pirates Studios found that the CL5510 smart lock was best suited to its needs. The lock provides key code entry with codes that could be sent to customers remotely, which turned out to be of the utmost importance to Pirate Studios' business model.

The CL5510 allows codes to be created via an online portal and issued to customers via email or SMS. Pirate Studios use this function to send musicians personalised codes for self-service access to rehearsal space and/or storage lockers. The NetCode technology built into the lock's design automatically erases the code when the client has finished using the venue so it's ready for the next musician. The installation of the locks eliminated the need for staff onsite and allowed it to keep rental prices down, passing on the benefit to its customers. As a result, Pirate Studios has been able to open new studios in the UK.


The CL5510 has certainly taken a work-load off for the staff at Manley Village Hall, Pirate Studios and Loyd Lindsay Rooms. Its respective customers now have flexible venue access at times convenient for them, at no extra cost.


Can a smart lock help the hiring out process of your venue too?


14, Jun 2018

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