Codelocks at the heart of access control for Duchy Defibrillators

Set in rural Cornwall, Duchy Defibrillators manufacture, supply and install monitored public access defibrillator cabinets. Working with the ambulance service, it provides many towns and villages with public access defibrillators that are available 24/7. In Cornwall, where many areas are difficult to get to, this service can help save lives.  



Duchy Defibrillators wanted to secure its cabinets to make sure its defibrillators remain in full operating order and protected. It is important to make the cabinets secure and easily accessible as users needing defibrillators require access quickly; time is vital for the person in need. 

It was looking for a standalone access control lock that could also cope with the stormy Cornwall weather conditions and provide easy, quick access with multiple code options.



After some research, Codelocks was the first lock manufacturer the Duchy team found that provided standalone battery-operated digital locks. They decided that a CL2255 electronic lock would meet its needs:

•    Multiple access methods
•    Slam lock feature 
•    Emergency access 
•    Affordable

Duchy Defibrillators install the electronic locks at the same time as constructing the cabinets, Alan Odgers, Owner of Duchy Defibrillators explains, “The first few times we took a little while to get to grips with putting the lock together and installing them on to the cabinet. After this we have found them a breeze to install. The team at Codelocks are so helpful and orders are supplied quickly. Whenever we have asked them to deliver or supply any additional parts they have helped us no end.”



The Codelocks CL2255 enables easy and secure access. Duchy Defibrillators now have secure defibrillator cabinets that can be opened via an easy to remember code for users and a key for local guardians. The codes can be changed by the Duchy team themselves and are provided to users by the ambulance service, when needed. 

Additionally, the CL2255 has a slam lock feature to help assist in closing the door. This allows ease of access as users can lock the cabinet just by pushing it shut. It also has an emergency access via the battery terminal on the bottom of the lock.

Duchy Defibrillators have been recognised by Cornwall Business Awards and awarded silver for its successful business innovation; coded defibrillator cabinet.

Speaking of the success of the lock, Alan commented:"If you require a secure lock that is straight forward to install, easy to program and is reliable, the CL2255 is the lock for you."























19, Jun 2018