Lifestyle Serviced Apartments streamlines access control


Lifestyle Serviced Apartments (LSA) is a property letting specialist based in Southend-onSea. The firm manages properties on behalf of landlords and other agents, renovating them and then renting them out. LSA also partners with local employers to ensure that quality tenants are found for the properties in its portfolio.

In March, LSA took on a small number of serviced apartments in Southend-on-Sea. The rooms at Estuary House are let out to tourists and the corporate market, with lets lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. As part of the renovation process, LSA wanted to find an access control solution that would secure the properties without hindering the check-in process for guests. David Diack, director of Lifestyle Service 

Apartments, began investigating a range of possible solutions. “Initially, we looked at solutions from various suppliers, but when we hired a company to help install the locks, they recommend we take a closer look at Codelocks,” explained David Diack. “I had a meeting with Codelocks and really liked the concept. I couldn’t understand how they worked at first, but Codelocks took the time to explain the technology.”



Lifestyle Serviced Apartments installed a total of 10 locks on site. The CL2000 electronic lock was installed on the main entrance, providing simple coded access control. CL4510 smart locks were fitted on each of the apartment doors. The CL4510 combines smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options and was chosen by LSA for its ability to generate unique access codes remotely. When a customer places an order, the LSA team is able to remotely issue a time sensitive code for each of the rooms. The codes can be set for any desired period of time and are disposable, expiring once the customer checks out of the property.

Thanks to Codelocks’ NetCode technology, the locks offer ultimate flexibility, giving LSA new levels of convenient access control without compromising on security. The locks can be operated and managed via the K3 Connect App from any location. Mr Diack says that, eventually, he hopes to leverage the Codelocks Application Programming Interface (API), integrating the locks with the firm’s online booking system and fully automating the check in process. 



The CL2000 lock can be programmed to use four, five or six digit codes. LSA opted to use four digits, so that guests could easily memorise their code for the communal front door. NetCodes are issued for the CL4510 on short-term rentals. As well as coded access, the locks can also be opened using smartcards. LSA says that this capability adds an extra layer of convenience for both its customers and staff. “We have a few long-term guests, so rather than provide them with a code, we give them each a smartcard, which makes access more convenient. Our cleaning team also use the cards.” Administrative time and costs are kept to a minimum as codes do not need to be manually updated and there are no keys to manage. The CL4510’s Audit Trail capability allows LSA to monitor guest activity, ensuring that customers safely arrive and check out on the agreed date. 



Mr Diack says that the support and customer care received from Codelocks was second to none. “The Codelocks team were always very quick to respond. After our first phone call, we had someone on site within 24 hours,” Mr Diack said. “They’re always really professional. If you need help, you can just pick up the phone. They know what they’re talking about and rather than try to rush you, they’re happy to spend time making sure that all of your questions have been answered.”

The installation is still in its infancy, but LSA says that the results are already clear. “It has definitely been worth the investment and we will certainly use Codelocks again in our future serviced apartments,” Mr Diack concluded.





















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