What you need to know about KitLock digital cabinet locks with NetCode

Earlier this year we enhanced our KitLock 1000 digital locks to allow users to control access to lockers, cabinets or enclosures from a remote location. In this blog post we've come up with a series of questions and answers designed to give you a better understanding of what this enhancement can do and what it can be used for.


What is Netcode?

NetCode is a web-based application that issues time-sensitive access codes for KitLock 1000 locks. The access codes are sent via SMS text message or emailed directly to the person requiring access without the lock owner having to be physically present. Time sensitive access codes are a secure way to grant access, as the code will not work outside a designated time slot.


How does is work?

KL1000NC locks are configured prior to dispatch with a unique matching algorithm, allowing the NetCode software to predict the access codes on the lock. Customers register and activate each lock before they are installed at a remote site. The NetCode portal then enables customers to create NetCodes from any browser-capable, internet-enabled device.


What applications will it serve?

NetCode will serve any application where remote access to equipment or machinery locked inside cabinets or encloses is required. This could be in any industrial or manufacturing environment, or within the transport infrastructure or building construction industry. It is particularly useful where access is required for servicing or routine maintenance purposes, as authorised engineers can receive NetCodes via their mobile phone and gain access unaccompanied. Examples include data servers locked inside cabinet racks or plant machinery locked within utility cabinets.

Netcode can also be used to control access to large numbers of lockers in an educational or recreational setting. For example, businesses that hire out lockers for people attending leisure events (such as festivals) or wanting to lock bicycles at train stations, can use NetCode to manage time-sensitive access codes on a large scale.

It is also ideal for use with courier drop boxes. Delivery personnel can be given a time-sensitive access code that will only work for a specific order.


Is it easy to set up?

Yes, the product comes with a step-by-step installation guide making it easy to install and set up. We've also created a series of video tutorials online showing you how to create your NetCode account, how to generate codes and how to customise your NetCode account.


How much does it cost?

KL1000 with NetCode is priced at ?46 on our website and is available in black or silver grey. SMS credit packs, allowing you to send 100 SMS text messages, are priced at ?15. Gaskets are ?2.


Can I read any product reviews?

Yes, there is a product review by Darrell Walters of LocksOnline you can watch on YouTube.


Still have questions?

If after reading this blog post you still have questions about our KL1000 product with Netcode, you can contact our technical support team on 0800 393405 - they'd be happy to help.


09, Dec 2014