KitLock 1000 locker and cabinet locks - a round up of new features for 2016

Our best-selling digital locker lock, the KL1000, has a few new features and modifications for 2016. Here's a round up of the improvements we've made and a hint of what's to come later in the year!


New battery level check

We've updated the software so that users can perform a quick and easy operation to see how much battery power remains.

A KitLock will typically provide well in excess of 15,000 openings from two AAA 1.5v cells. When the power is very low, a battery level indicator will flash red three times. At this point the lock has approximately 100 operations remaining and the battery must be changed as soon as possible.

The new battery level check allows facilities and estates managers to proactively test the power levels during regular maintenance inspections. In the diagram below you'll see the number sequence to follow in order to check the battery. The red and blue lights will flash a number of times to indicate how much power is left. Being aware that the KitLock has less than 20% charge helps plan for imminent battery changes.


New SLAM1000

Our slam latch feature is very popular for our KL1200 and KL1550 product ranges. Due to popular demand, we've introduced a new mini slam latch that can either be retrofitted to existing KL1000s or bought as an accessory for a brand new lock. When fitted, the new mini slam accessory allows effortless shutting of the locker door. The product is available from our website at a cost of £6.50.


Six-digit NetCode

The ability to generate lock access codes from a remote location is a big benefit for some operators. We've been working with customers over the last year to see where improvements in our NetCode application can be made. As a result, we'll soon be launching a new KL1060 cabinet lock that operates with six-digit NetCodes instead of 12. A shorter access code is an obvious benefit to the person on the receiving end, as they are less likely to make mistakes when punching in the code.

We've also added a new security feature whereby if an operator suspects a NetCode has been compromised, generating a new NetCode will automatically invalidate the previous one.


Card access only

Later in the year we'll be adding to the KL1000 product range by introducing a version that can only be accessed with a SMART card. The lock will operate with the same functionality (i.e. Private and Public Functions) but will have no keypad. Look out for news on this product in the near future.



If you have any questions about operating or programming our KitLock digital locker and cabinet locks, feel free to call our technical help line on 01635 239645. We'd also love to hear from you with any new ideas on how we can further improve our KitLock product range - please get in touch if you do.


11, Feb 2016