Smart new look for code operated KitLock by Codelocks


Introducing the KitLock KL1100 KeyPad Locker Lock

Codelocks unveils the latest addition to its KitLock by Codelocks locker range – the K1100 KeyPad. The KL1100 KeyPad joins the card operated KL1100 RFID in offering a sleek new look to accompany the versatility and flexibility already offered by Codelocks’ locks.

Featuring a sleek, slimline front design, the KL1100 KeyPad is available in a Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finish that is easy to wipe clean and sanitise. It is ideal for leisure centres, universities and offices looking to enhance or upgrade facilities.


Colin Campbell, Managing Director at Codelocks said,

“Like the recently released KL1100 RFID, the KL1100 KeyPad features a powered latch, enabling the user to close the locker door with a gentle push. And as the latch unit now houses the battery, we were also able to design a slimmer front plate and really home in on aesthetics as well as functionality. The KL1100 KeyPad brings a new level of style to our code operated KitLock by Codelocks range.”


The KL1100 KeyPad can operate in two functions. In Private Function (the default mode) a user is allocated a code that gives them repeated access to a locker. This is ideal for private lockers – for example, if an employee has a personal locker that they use regularly. In Public Function, a user can simply enter their own chosen code to secure the locker. The same code can then be used to open the locker, leaving it ready for the next user. This is ideal for gyms or other facilities, where users need temporary access to a locker. The ability to set a maximum lock time can help to ensure fair use in shared facilities.

Straightforward to install, the KL1100 KeyPad is also simple to retrofit, as it shares the same fixing holes as the popular KitLock KL1000 Classic.


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03, Aug 2021