Codelocks celebrates two years of successful European projects


Codelocks is celebrating two years since its successful European expansion, providing access control solutions across the continent. In that time, Codelocks has completed projects with organisations of all sizes from solar-powered electric bike ports to storage solutions for some of Europe’s largest supermarket chains.

Strategic Expansion and Localised Service

Codelocks established its European operation in 2021 to meet customer demand and offer enhanced delivery and distribution. Its first strategic milestone was hiring European General Manager, Eddy van der Vegte, and establishing a warehouse and office in Enschede, The Netherlands, to enable Codelocks to provide customers with a localised service.

Commenting on European distribution and localised services, Eddy said,

“By establishing a base in Europe, Codelocks has been able to offer customers a better service and avoid the issues of post-Brexit disruptions. We offer improved delivery and distribution, along with customer support in multiple languages. Our European customers appreciate this greatly and it has helped us to work on many multi-site and multi-country projects too.”

Innovative Solutions and Diverse Projects

Several of Codelocks’ largest European deals have been multi-site projects, working with partners and clients that operate across regions. These include providing KitLock locks for large festival locker arrays, bag storage for multi-site supermarkets, and medical cabinetry manufacturers with factories across Belgium, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Commenting on the number of successful projects, Codelocks’ European Sales Manager, Steve Newman said,

“Our European location makes us ideally situated to serve customers across regions and sites. For example, working with one of our partners, we provided KitLock locks to create a storage solution so customers can store bags when shopping at one of the largest supermarkets in Austria and Romania. On the continent, almost all supermarkets have bag lockers as you enter. They give customers a place to store their belongings and help retail owners deter theft and minimise loss. It’s rewarding to know that Codelocks’ KitLocks are proving these large supermarkets and their customers with the exact access control solution they need.”

Alongside KitLock, several of Codelocks’ product lines have contributed to its European market growth, notably its NetCode®-equipped smart locks. NetCode® allows date- and time-sensitive temporary access codes to be issued remotely using a web portal or smartphone app. This allows companies to create self-service access control solutions that can also be integrated into web portals or booking systems. NetCode® has featured in tennis court access control solutions across Portugal and Belgium, in music studios in Belgium, and 100% renewable solar e-bike charging ports in Austria.

Meeting the European Market Needs

Eddy van de Vegte said of Codelocks growth over the past two years,

“Our expansion has been driven by our innovative products, our ability to distribute them across Europe, and our excellent customer service. As trends across Europe change because of things like hybrid working and sustainability efforts, Codelocks is providing access control solutions to make sure companies can meet new customer demands. In the UK, Codelocks has built a reputation for providing world-class support and products, and I’m pleased European customers now benefit from that too.”

To learn more visit Codelocks EU at

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23, Nov 2023

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