Landmark Hotel Spa and Health Club takes control with KitLock


The upgrade will help prevent guests from claiming lockers as their own for the duration of their stay.  


“We’d found that regular guests, especially ones using the facilities over a number of days, would take the locker key away with them,” explains Joey Cererio, Manager at The Spa and Health Club. “Not only did this limit the number of lockers available for the other guests to use, also, when we checked the lockers at the end of the day, it was impossible for us to identify whether a locker was in use or if the key was genuinely lost. It was becoming very difficult to monitor.”


KitLock KL1200 is a durable electronic lock suitable for securing lockers. Fitted in place of a standard cam lock, it provides simple keypad access without the hassle of keys, coins or tokens. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad. Guests simply enter a user code, then ‘lock and go’.

KitLock can also be opened using a ‘technician code’. This code will open the lock without erasing the user code and is particularly useful if a guest forgets which locker they are using or if staff need to access several lockers to find the right one. 


“Using a technician code we are now able to open all the lockers at the end of each day and check that property is not left inside overnight,” said Ms Cererio. “With KitLock this process is easy and it enables us to ensure that all of the lockers are free for use again in the morning.”

“From a security perspective, we were always concerned that if keys went missing they may be copied and used to gain illegal entry at a later date. With a keyless solution, we no longer worry about that particular issue. And from a practical point of view, the guests no longer have to carry a key round with them while they are enjoying the facilities. What’s more, we don’t have to pay to replace the lost keys."


In ‘locker-mode’ function, KitLock operates with a single-use code-setting facility. The guest enters a four-digit code, that will lock and open the locker only once, then be erased. The locker then remains open until another guest uses it again.  The installation process involves removing the existing cam lock from the locker and then making an additional top fixing for the KitLock. Once in place, a KitLock KL1200 will perform 50,000 openings on just two AAA batteries. 


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About KitLock

KitLock is a stylish alternative to traditional key cam locks that uses a four-digit code rather than a key to secure lockers and cabinets in gyms, leisure centres, schools and hospitals. In locker mode, the code will lock and open the locker or cabinet once only and then be erased. The lock will remain open until the next user resets it. A red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use. If a user forgets the code, it can be unlocked using a master code. KitLock is available in any standard RAL colour and there are two products in the KitLock range.

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KitLock is a Codelocks Ltd brand.


About The Landmark Hotel Spa and Health Club

The Landmark Hotel is one of the finest five-star hotels in London. With its distinctive style and ambience, it combines classic British elegance and grandeur with a wide range of deluxe facilities. Guests can relax and enjoy a full range of treatments at the hotel’s luxurious Spa and Health Club. Its facilities include a 15-metre chlorine-free swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, sauna and steam room. As well as appealing to members from the local area, its central location makes it a popular choice for tourists. The Spa and Health Club regularly attracts over 1200 visitors per week.

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25, Mar 2013

KL1200 KitLock Locker Lock

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