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Avoid the headache of locker key management


Managing the keys for hundreds of lockers in fitness centres and gyms can be a real headache. Keys get lost, taken home or snap off in the lock. Someone then has to call out a locksmith to repair the cylinder which wastes time and money and renders the locker unusable until it’s fixed.


Digital cabinet locks are a cost-effective and quick retrofit solution for standard cam locks and give the user immediate and simple keypad access without the hassle of keys.]


“Managers at leisure centres and gyms can spend a great deal of time and money replacing keys and opening up lockers,” explains Grant Macdonald, managing director of Codelocks. “And having to carry a locker key around is inconvenient for users too. Installing keyless digital cabinet locks to gym lockers will help solve these problems."


Each cabinet lock comes with a locker-mode function, offering a single-use code setting facility ideal for use on lockers in fitness studios, health centres or public leisure facilities. The user enters a code that will lock and open only once, and then be erased. The lock will remain open until it is reset by the next user. In this mode a red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use. The lock offers up to 10,000 four-digit user codes and comes with everything needed to install it in the box.