Securing patient bedside cupboards with KitLock

The Manchester Evening News recently reported a spate of crime taking place in the area's hospitals, where thieves rifle through patient belongings while they lie recovering in bed from operations. The paper reported that, in total, 1,903 items have been reported stolen or missing since January 2011 at a value of at least £17,303.

With theft such a present threat, the area's hospitals have increased the number of security measures in place to include CCTV, access control on doors, full-time security teams and lockable bedside cupboards on wards to allow patients to secure personal items.

Managing the keys for lockable bedside cupboards, especially in large hospitals, can present the facilities or estate department with quite a challenge. Keys are easily lost and often taken home accidently and, with a high turnover of patients, it's likely the cost and time taken to replace the missing keys can add up.


Convenience without keys

KitLock digital cabinet locks can be used to replace the standard cam locks fitted on many hospital bedside cupboards. The locks provide simple keypad access without the hassle of keys, tokens or coins. Because there is nothing physical to lose, the locks remove some of the vulnerability associated with keys - patients don't have to remember to keep the key out of sight or carry it with them when they leave their bed.

In 'public mode', KitLock allows patients to select their own four-digit code that will secure and open the cupboard only once, then is erased. If a patient forgets their code, then a member of the facilities or estates department can use a technician code to open the cupboard. This process is far easier than having to keep replacing lost keys and saves a great deal of maintenance time.

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19, Mar 2015