Upgrade access control in schools by installing digital audit trail door locks

Controlling access in schools is important, not just for pupil and staff safety, but also to ensure that property and equipment is adequately protected. Along with other stakeholders, it's the role of the school site manager or caretaker to undertake regular risk assessments so that the environment is as safe and secure as it can be.

For convenience, many site managers and caretakers choose to install keyless digital locks in schools as a way to deter intruders and restrict the movement of authorised visitors while on site. For additional reassurance, Danny Latimer, site manager at Rush Common School in Abingdon, has recently upgraded to a digital door lock that allows him to manage access permissions and review door activity data using a computer.


The Codelocks Solution

Danny needs the ability to grant access to authorised visitors out of school hours, at weekends and during the school holidays. Using the new CL5010 tubular mortice latch lock with audit trail, he can set up individual access codes for each person or organisation requiring access to the school, and create codes that will only work on certain days or at specific times of the day. The lock records all of the access codes used in an audit trail log that can be downloaded using a USB memory stick.


"It's great because I can assign different codes for the cleaners, the after-school club, the football club and for contractors during the school holidays," explains Danny. "Once I've downloaded the audit trail data, I can see exactly who has been through the door and when. Because the lock registers incorrect code attempts, it's reassuring to see if anyone is trying to gain access when they shouldn't be or if anyone is tampering with the lock."



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17, Jul 2014